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This page highlights portfolios of objects that have been created by users. A username and password are required to create a new portfolio. Please contact Collections Specialist Mona Weselmann to create and customize your own.

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Nancy Thompson
2 record(s)
Created by: Nancy Thompson
Classics and Medieval Collection
95 record(s)
Created by: Wynn Martin
Scholar's Studio
43 record(s)
Created by: Karil Kucera
Notes: Items for upcoming exhibition with Carleton and St Olaf faculty and students.
Catherine Ramirez
1 record(s)
Created by: Mona Weselmann
158 record(s)
Created by: robb
DeAne Lagerquist
no record(s)
Created by: DeAne Lagerquist
Christopher Tradowsky (Intro to Art History)
no record(s)
Created by: Christopher Tradowsky
Mary Cisar
30 record(s)
Created by: Mona Weselmann
Notes: Prefete Duffaut, one of two images of Haitian landscape in the collection
att. to Delacroix: Moroccan landscape with castle
att. to Gauguin, Riverscape with Mountains
Matisse, Woman Reclining
Daumier busts
African objects from Francophone nations
The Nature of Art
833 record(s)
Created by: Mona Weselmann
Notes: Matt Rohn's retirement exhibition, which will take place in the fall of 2018 will be based on the broad topic will be ecocriticism, using objects from FAM's collection and student collaboration.

Possible themes include eco-cultural landscapes, aka specific regions (Hudson River School, British landscape painting, Northfield region), cultural resistance, spiritual/religious approaches to landscape or materials, nature photography, resistance to consumerism, endangered species, art and protest.
Near East
13 record(s)
Created by: Vanessa Rousseau
Ka Wong
33 record(s)
Created by: Ka Wong
Vanessa - Tetlie
19 record(s)
Created by: Vanessa Rousseau